7 ways to save on furniture and appliances

Most people will want to buy furniture and appliances that are of good quality and those that last well past their warranty. Here are some sound tips on how to buy good quality furniture and appliances for much less. Buy returned appliances – Returned appliances are often half the price. Visit an appliance store and […]

Money tips for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season as a whole is a joyous time. There are the holidays, the outings and meals with loved ones and visiting family. Everything is how the season should be. Unfortunately, without adequate planning, it can really stretch your finances. We get caught up in the good times and before you know […]

Shop Smarter with these Tips

Penny pinching is still on the minds of consumers everywhere. Even when looking for the best online shopping website, people use search engines to browse multiple web stores in search of the single best price for their desired products. If you’re always looking for the best deal online, shop smarter with these tips: Look for […]

Four ways to save money on kids birthday parties

Some parents spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on kid’s birthday parties. How much you are willing to spend on your child’s birthday, will greatly depend on your financial situation. However, if you are on a budget and want to limit spending, here are a few tips to throw a fun yet affordable birthday party. […]

The Legacy of Lexington and Concord

By Phineas Upham Lexington and Concord were the sites of the first battles in the American Revolutionary War, and an important set of battles for the American side. The British would get their first taste of combat with the New Englanders, who had adapted well to the hills and forests of the land on which […]

Tips for Buying Furniture

There are numerous contemplations to consider when obtaining furniture, If you need your home basic – taking in a couple of straightforward furniture purchasing fundamentals is a decent place to begin. Choose what style of furniture suits your tastes and style of home. For instance, in the event that you possess an excellent log home […]