7 ways to save on furniture and appliances

Most people will want to buy furniture and appliances that are of good quality and those that last well past their warranty. Here are some sound tips on how to buy good quality furniture and appliances for much less.

Buy returned appliances – Returned appliances are often half the price. Visit an appliance store and speak to the store’s floor manager. You may still be offered a product warranty, although it is a return.

Buy used appliances – Used appliances usually come with a 90-day warranty and are often 50% less than their original price.

Get post office coupons – When you change your address, the post office will send you a moving kit with coupons. These coupons usually offer a wide range of discounts from 10%-20%.

Get coupons from your real estate agent – Speak to your real estate agent and ask if they can offer you discount coupons early so that you can stock up on the appliances and furniture you need.

Use discounted gift cards – Discount gift cards can be bought online and then printed prior to visiting your store.

Combine strategies – Combine your purchases at one store to save on appliances like a washer and dryer or a refrigerator and a microwave.

Buy damaged goods – Appliances or furniture that are slightly damaged can often be sold for 30%-50% less than their original price. Just make sure that the damage is something you can fix or one that is hardly noticeable.