6 Cheap ways to furnish your apartment

If you purchased or rented your dream apartment and now find yourself short on cash, you may want to look at affordable ways to furnish your apartment. Here are some cheap ways to make your apartment, look it’s best for less.

Scour the sidewalks – Most people will cast things aside when they are moving house or when they want to change their furniture. Look at finding treasures on sidewalks

Flea markets – Flea markets are a great place to look for cheap, used items. If you prefer items that are vintage and unique, the flea market is the best place to start.

Craigslist – Craigslist will have a long list of used furniture that is up for sale.

Used Furniture Sites/Apps – These sites are great as they offer a choice of quality furniture at a fraction of the price. The sites/apps handle your delivery and pick up for a charge.

Think outside of IKEA – If you still need a few more items to make your house a home, look for items from home depot. Home Depot stocks reliable furniture, light fixtures, and closet organizers which are great for a new apartment.

Get crafty – Buy wood and other materials and consider making your furniture with the assistance of youtube DIY videos. These videos offer step by step guides on what to buy and how to ensemble pieces that will only involve a few hours of work.