7 Ways to save money when eating out

Cooking your meals is a good way to stay healthy and manage your weight. However, everyone likes to eat out at least once or twice a week. With most households, managing on small budgets, saving money when eating out can mean that you can eat out more often and still stay within your budget. Here are a few tips to save money when eating out.

  1. Buy Restaurant.com gift cards – At restaurant.com you can buy gift cards to over 18,000 restaurants in the US and get discounts up to 30% on your meal.
  2. Discount cards – School kids will often sell discount cards to fund school events. Most often the gift cards include a free starter or up to 25% off your
  3. Weekly specials – Almost all restaurants have weekly specials that let you eat expensive items on the menu for a lot less.
  4. Friend your favorites – Most restaurants have a Facebook page, and they offer weekly discounts and special offers to their friends who follow them.
  5. Portion control – Practicing portion control can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can share your meal with someone, or you can eat moderately and take away the balance.
  6. Have a spending plan – Create a budget that includes eating out. Divide your total spend by four, and you know exactly how much you can spend per week.

Go out for lunch instead – Restaurants always price their dinner menu higher than their lunch.