Four ways to save money on kids birthday parties

Some parents spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on kid’s birthday parties. How much you are willing to spend on your child’s birthday, will greatly depend on your financial situation. However, if you are on a budget and want to limit spending, here are a few tips to throw a fun yet affordable birthday party.

Make a budget for all your kids – If you have more than one child, it is best to allocate each child with a party budget. This will give each child the same amount to spend on an event of their choosing.

Don’t compete with other parents – Avoid competing with other parents when deciding on how much to spend on your own child’s birthday. When kids are older they may let you know that they want a birthday party like their friends in school. However, if from an early age, you talk to your child about your budget, they will be less likely to insist on an expensive party.

Pay attention to what your kids like – This is an overlooked area when deciding on a child’s birthday. Most kids will have preferences, like a superhero theme or a camp day out. Make sure you include your child’s ideas when deciding on the event and venue. Remember that the best parties are the ones that the birthday girl/boy have the most fun.

Make things yourself – Save money by making party favors, cupcakes, or decorations yourself. Find inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.