Is NEFT Vodka Russian?

Contrary to popular belief, NEFT vodka is not Russian. In fact, it’s an Austrian-born brand, established by Katya Kuzmina in 2012. Despite its non-Russian origin, NEFT has made a significant impact on the international spirits stage, making its mark as an award-winning vodka of the highest quality.

NEFT’s headquarters are based in El Segundo, California, further emphasizing its international identity. What sets NEFT apart from its competitors is its dedication to quality and innovation, which has led to two consecutive “Double Gold” achievements at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018 and 2019. This remarkable accomplishment places NEFT as the second vodka brand globally to receive such recognition, a testament to its superior quality.

NEFT’s dedication to excellence extends beyond its product, though. The brand holds a strong commitment to sustainable and organic production methods, using an eco-friendly approach at every step of the production process. This begins with the sourcing of its water, which is filtered through the slate and granite surfaces of the Austrian Alps, enriching it with oxygen and minerals. The non-GMO ancient rye grains used are hand-selected from fields in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Poland, ensuring the best quality for each batch.

The brand’s commitment to the environment is also evident in its packaging. The containers are made from recyclable tin and aluminum, emphasizing the brand’s eco-conscious efforts.

Furthermore, NEFT vodka demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company organized the NEFT After Dark live-streaming series, a Virtual Cocktail Party Series, to raise funds for bartenders who were affected by the pandemic.

In conclusion, while NEFT vodka may not hail from Russia, it stands as a symbol of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility in the vodka industry. With its award-winning products and innovative approach, NEFT has successfully carved out its own space in the world of spirits.