How to grocery shop effectively?

Although we all need to eat and want to get the most for our money, most of us will visit the supermarkets too many times a week and end up buying food that we don’t always use. Here are some tips that will help you buy smarter, save time and give you and your family healthy meals that they will love.

Before you shop – You should approximately spend a maximum of $100 per month per person on groceries, this includes items like cleaning supplies, pharmacy goods, baby items, and even pet food.

Tracking – Look at tracking what you spend by either using your credit card for purchases or by keeping an excel sheet with details on how much you have spent.

Grocery list – Never visit a supermarket without a list as you will end up buying items you don’t need in quantities you will never use.

Look at what’s on sale – Before you consider a recipe, look at what you have on hand and what is on sale to help you save more. You can check what’s on sale at your local supermarket by visiting their website.

Plan your meals – It is a good idea to cook for five days of the week as it will help you list out what you need and you will not need to visit the supermarket for the rest of the week. Planning your meals will also ensure that you eat more home cooked, healthy meals compared to ordering takeout or eating out.