Affordable Ways to Refinish Furniture

Summary: You don’t need hundreds of dollars to effectively stain and refinish your furniture pieces.

Having a place of your own is undoubtedly difficult. You have bills, rent, and maintenance you need to take care of. But, what’s even more difficult is furnishing your place to make it look suitable. Nobody wants to live in a dump. People need functional furniture to match their interior decor and at the same time want to ensure their home looks aesthetically pleasing. So how can you create a chic environment with a low budget?

The Refinishing Process

The solution to your interior design woes is surprisingly simple. By taking an old, unwanted furniture piece and redoing it, you’re essentially breathing new life into it to make it look like it costs a couple hundreds dollars or so. And, it’s relatively easy to do.

The process itself is simple. Remove the old paint or varnish, apply a new paint and stain, and add the finishing touches like roughing it up around the edges for a vintage look. That’s the entire process in a nutshell.


One of the best things about redoing wood furniture is that you can obtain a brand new appearance for a low cost. You don’t have to buy the most expensive paint or varnish. This isn’t to say that these more expensive brands aren’t capable. It’s just that there are alternatives to the refinishing process itself.

For instance, by simply restaining the top of an old wooden nightstand and spray painting the front and sides with a primer that can be bought at your local hardware store, you’re already giving the piece a new look. The secret is in the details. While many brands try to make things easier for the homeowner, by putting in a bit more elbow grease, you could be obtaining an identical result at less than half the cost. A foam brush, primer, and paint easily costs less than $15 if you purchase a generic brand. It all comes down to how efficient you are during the process.

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