A bachelor’s expert guide to buying a fridge

If you are a bachelor and want to live a healthy life that includes a few home cooked meals, investing in a fridge is a good idea. Here are some tips to consider when buying a new fridge.

Capacity – Since you are a single person the amount of food you will have to store will be a lot less compared to that of a family. Consider a fridge that is around 190-liters that will provide sufficient space for a week worth of fresh food and meals.

Door style – A 190-liter fridges will usually come with a single door design. However, investing in a double door fridge is a good idea if you are in a relationship and planning on starting a family shortly. Most double doors will give you about 240-250-liters of space. Double door designs will also have more freezer space plus a bigger vegetable box. Double door fridges are also useful for bachelors who cook for the week and prefer to cook their meals themselves.

Features – Look for features that include strong glass, spill proof, adjustable shelves. Strong glass will help you hold items like beers, drinks, and cakes safely. Adjustable shelves will also help you to move around your shelves to make room for your containers and casserole dishes that may vary in height. Spill-proof shelves are also a great feature as they will prevent liquid spilling from one shelf to another.