Ways to find the right house to rent

If you prefer to live in a home instead of an apartment and are not able to buy your own home, renting is your only option. For those planning on renting, here are a few tips that will help you get the best rental home for your money.

Finding the best neighborhood – Consider looking for a rental in a safe area that is close to work, schools and supermarkets.

Sabbatical homes – Sabbatical homes are those that are not in the city but are close to colleges or universities. Most of these homes are owned by professors that have retired. Rentals of these types of homes are often advertised well in advance to attract students and other professors.

For rent by owner – Most owners looking to advertise directly, will place an ad on Craigslist.

Contact the neighborhood association – Often citizen’s associations will have a list of rentals available in the area.

Look for RENT signs – Old fashioned landlords will place a RENT sign on their lawn. So if you have the time, drive around the area.

Word of mouth – Let friends and family know where you are looking at renting and ask them if they know of anyone who is looking for a tenant.

Spread the word through social media – Let your friends and family know that you are looking at renting in a particular area on social media. You can even specify how many rooms, baths you would prefer and your budget.