4 Ways to save on your utility bill

Utility bills can be a drain on your savings. Here are some tips on how to reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Make minor adjustments – Here are some easy low-cost energy solutions;

Look at your heating registers and check if they are blocked.

If you have south facing windows, leave them open in the morning to let the sun’s heat in.

Make door snakes that will block the hot air escaping your rooms.

Reduce draft from windows by fixing storm kits that will provide temporary insulation.

Control your thermostat – Lowering your heating or cooling by 1 digit will give you a 3% drop in your energy bills. Reduce your heating bills by wearing warmer clothing indoors and dropping the digits on your thermostat. Opt to only use cooling at night on hotter nights and choose to spend more time out or at work.

Avoid vampire energy charges – Choose devices that automatically knock off computers, televisions and other devices when they are not in use. These devices cost about $40 and they can save you about a $100 a year.

Invest in energy-efficient light bulbs – The new LED lights are very efficient and will use 85% less energy than a regular bulb. Although these bulbs are more expensive they will last up to 20 years and cost about 72 cents a year to operate.